digitalsteam is a collection of audio plugins and applications, which are products of my journey into a DSP and music production world. The goals are to have fun, but also to get professional knowledge and experience.

Currently, I am learning JUCE and new C++ features.

Let's see what this will bring. :D


Digital Steam Delay 1

DSD1 is a tape-like delay with static read and record heads. Delay time is changed by changing "tape speed".
  • Delay time can be changed in milliseconds or can be sync to hosts tempo in 16ths.
  • Reverse delay
  • Feedback distortion amount
  • Feedback low pass filter and high pass filter
  • Chorus or vibrato on delay output
Download VST3 64bit


Jucer - granular synthesiser

Comming soon... :)

Other / Tools

Comming soon... :)