Version 1.2

  • VST3 for macOS 64bit
  • Mouse detecting feature was removed
  • Auto resume after manual pause

    When silence detecting is active and user clicks pause button manually, there is a possibility to turn on or off auto resume.

    This feature prevents waking up tracker just after manual pause, when the sound is still sustained. On the other hand it will start tracking time even if user forget to turn it manually.

    This can not work as expected if there is a sound present on output even when nothing plays. For example some plugin is humming always.
Manual pausePause after silence detected
Auto resume activeTime tracking will be resumed when any sound would occur, but only if there was a silence detected for “minimum silence time”.

But before that time, time tracking won’t be resumed even if there will be a sound.
Time tracking will be resumed when any sound would occur.
Auto resume deactivatedIf auto resume is off and user click manual pause, then time tracking will be resumed only when user clicks “play” button manually.Time tracking will be resumed when any sound would occur.
  • Settings window was redesign
  • Export log icon was changed
  • Export window was redesign to not use additional dialog for choosing export folder
  • Export file name is changed automatically if log type is changed

Version 1.1

  • Track project start date and time.
  • Track session start date and time.
  • Two formats of time display (hours:minutes:seconds and weeks:days:hours:minutes:seconds).
  • Manual pause (mouse or MIDI).
  • Silence detecting.
  • Scalable GUI.
  • Time correcting.
  • Log file export.
  • If your DAW allows that, Time Tracker adopts colours to track colour.